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Hi! Jiovanna here.
Welcome to my digital garden.

In this space you will find all the things collected in my path as a software engineer, writer and tech lover. I really hope this website is useful to you.

Jiovanna's Digital Garden


Mujer Ingeniera

Built with React Native, the MujerIngeniera app is a blog and a list of motivational quotes for women in engineering. It shows all the content of consuming an API in PHP, it includes Firebase and HMS push notifications and deep linking for iOS and Android.

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Mujer Ingeniera

Personal finance

Calculadora de Aguinaldo en México

Built with React Native, this app allows all subordinate workers in Mexico to calculate what corresponds to receive proportionally in December as a bonus from the date of entry to their workspace. In addition to the calculator, legal foundation and help links are included on screens organized by a React Navigation Drawer. The app is connected to the services of Firebase, AdMob and Google Analytics.

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Calculadora de Aguinaldo en México

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